Our Founders

Monika Juneja

Monika brings a wealth of experience in planning, stemming from her time in local government. Tackling difficult plans and developments are her forté and she has developed considerable expertise around working with developments ranging from a few homes to several thousand. She also has experience in commercial development in London.

One of Monika’s key assets is understanding planning policy and the way in which planning officers operate. She has a gut-feel for how local authority planning teams are likely to view proposals. A tenacious and brave person who does not let obstacles divert her from seeing a project through to completion.

Monika is a prolific networker and she is adept at connecting investors to both property and business growth projects, using her event management skills to bring people together.
In any conversation, Monika’s sharpness and ability comes to the fore.
01483 440066

Stephen Mansbridge

Stephen has amassed a large network of interesting and highly influential people throughout his career. He is vigorously in touch with his network through which he enables career transition, property and business growth investment.

Stephen brings specialist knowledge of working with people at very senior level, working with Boards and analysing investment prospects. He has helped individuals and companies prepare for critical events and bring game-changing opportunities to fruition.

Stephen’s international experience in business, the military, politics and the media provides a rich background for any interaction.

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