Fortitude Dynamics specialise in sourcing property and planning projects which require investment and we introduce investors to appropriate projects.

Our team work hard to make sure that the right project is presented to the right investor and vice versa; we want to eliminate time wasting and making sure we get the deal done!

We work daily with developers to source Investors for Joint Venture deals and would be happy to discuss and provide information on how this would work for you, either as a Developer or an Investor.

Projects broadly fall into 5 categories:

  • Land – for planning permission
  • Land – with planning permission for build-out
  • JVs to fund larger projects such as apartments and hotels
  • Commercial Units
  • Affordable/Social Housing Schemes

Land/Property Owners and Developers

We work with property and owners of land who are finding it difficult to realise the full value of their asset. We help to maximise asset value through land assembly, planning permission and, if desired, through eventual build-out. Typical values would be £1m – £15m.

We work with owners of substantial land or property assets to source investors for Joint Venture projects between £10m – £200m.

Property Investors

Whether you are an experienced Property Investor or are starting your Property Portfolio, our highly experienced and motivated team will work closely with you to make sure we show you the right opportunities and provide any help we can to make sure you invest in the right project.

We are interested in the types of projects you would like to get involved with.

As a company, we offer end-to-end help in projects. Please see our Planning and Development page to understand how we can help from start to finish.

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