House Building

Given the fact that house building is now a strategic national priority and deemed to be the catalyst for economic recovery, the sector’s market potential has probably never been greater.Fortitude Dynamics provides an integrated, comprehensive and dedicated service for both Developers and Landowners to support you through all aspects of the development cycle.


If you need a team with the capability for delivering an integrated service, which starts with accessing landowners and securing planning permission, and ends with marketing new units, then let Fortitude Dynamics offer you a comprehensive portfolio of tailored services, which can support every aspect of your development cycle.


If you are a landowner who has one or multiple plots with the potential to convert into a new revenue stream and you are looking for advice and support to help you negotiate your way through a minefield of regulations, grants, funding options and development partners, then talk to us. Fortitude Dynamics can help you clarify your strategy – from the initial feasibility stage, through to the sale of your new homes and/or commercial units.

If you are seeking a greenfield or brownfield site for a potential project, or you have land which may be suitable for residential development, talk to us!

If you would like to talk through your options, then please contact us on 01483 440066 for a confidential discussion.

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